10 More Breaking Bad Spin-Offs Wed Like To See Happen

10 More "Breaking Bad" Spin-Offs We'd Like To See Happen

1. The Salamancas


The premise: Before becoming ruthless hitmen for the Juárez Cartel, the Salamancas were a tight-knit group that always put family first. Follow their zany adventures in this new ABC sitcom, featuring Uncle Hector, twin brothers Leonel and Marco, and the always wild and hilarious Tuco.

2. Eating in with Flynn


The premise: Walt Jr., aka Flynn, dishes on the latest and greatest in breakfast foods in this Food Network-produced series. It’s gonna be d-d-d-d-delicious!

3. Fring It On


The premise: Before he met Walter White, Gustavo “The Chicken Man” Fring built an entire empire for himself while hiding in plain sight. This prequel series follows the man of mystery, his partner Maximino, and lots and lots of chicken.

4. Badger and Skinny Pete LIVE


The premise: In this new live talk show from MTV, Badger and Skinny Pete discuss replicators, tullaberries, zombies in video games, and the democracy of pizza-cutting.

5. Fishing for Ehrmantraut


The premise: This CBS police procedural flashes back to a younger Michael Ehrmantraut in his beat cop days as he uses forensic evidence and high-tech surveillance equipment to take down the bad guys. You know, the legal way.

6. The A-1 Team


The premise: Watch as Skyler navigates the rough-and-tumble world of the car wash business. Will she be able to successfully manage multiple locations, or will the stress leave her high and dry? Featuring new and returning characters, including Bogdan Wolynetz and his unibrow.

7. Gray Matters


The premise: Walter White’s could-have-been business partners Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz are the stars of this FX serialized drama that investigates the cold hard gray matters that are prevalent in the science and technology industry today.

8. Old Joe’s Junkyard


The premise: In this captivating character study, follow the story of a man who makes his living at a junkyard while always striving to keep a PMA — Positive Mental Attitude. In a sea of trashy shows, this one’s a treasure.

9. Tales of a Female Kleptomaniac


The premise: Lifetime brings you the story of Marie Schrader, kleptomaniac. Watch each week as she struggles to hide her addiction and manages to live a normal life (with the help of her psychiatrist). Expect lots of tears and the hottest new trends in purple clothing.

10. Kuby & Huell


The premise: TNT revolutionizes the buddy drama once more with Kuby & Huell, two unlikely partners who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Watch as they pickpocket and lie their way through a series of increasingly more difficult obstacles, all the while engaging in witty banter that gives Joss Whedon a run for his money.

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